A Clean Sweep: Broom Chair by Philippe Starck for Emeco

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews of Philippe Starck products, then you know I have imagined that there are many Philippe Starcks—he is so ubiquitous, I wonder if he’s been cloned. Any one of the Philippe Starcks in existence is now responsible for a new chair for Emeco entitled Broom. The chair gets its name from Starck’s creative mind: he envisions that the chair is so simple, it’s as if a humble guy cleaning the workshop floor with a broom (perhaps one of the Philippe Starck doppelgangers) has taken his collected dust and turned it into magic.

Broom chair. Designed by Philippe Starck. Manufactured by Emeco.

New Composite Material Uses Reclaimed Wood Fibers and Polypropylene

Broom Chair. Designed by Philippe Starck. Manufactured by Emeco.

Broom chair is constructed using a new composite material that mixes 75% reclaimed polypropylene, 15% reclaimed wood fiber, and 10% glass fiber. On display at Salone del Mobile 2012, Broom chair was shown alongside a video of Starck discussing his work. Continuing the philosophy of less is more, Starck explains his vision: “With this new chair, I start to feel happy, because it’s made of nothing. We choose to make less, less style, less design, less material, less energy, and finally we have more.”

Broom Chair. Designed by Philippe Starck. Manufactured by Emeco.

Stackable, light, and simple, Broom chair continues the collaboration of Philippe Starck with chair company Emeco, makers of iconic aluminum chairs. Emeco likes working with renowned designers, “because they challenge us. What they have in their heads. We make with our hands.” Broom chair will be available in various colors beginning in June: yellow, orange, dark grey, green, white, and natural.

Broom Chair. Designed by Philippe Starck. Manufactured by Emeco.

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About the Manufacturer: The philosophy of Hanover, PA-based Emeco can be summed up in one concise phrase: “We make chairs. That’s what we do.” Since 1944, Emeco (originally, the “Electric Machine and Equipment Company”) has manufactured handmade aluminum chairs from 80% recycled materials. An Emeco chair is a utilitarian work of art: beautifully sculpted, exceptionally durable, and crafted for comfort. Emeco’s iconic chair, the 1006 Navy Chair, was originally designed to withstand the harsh conditions and heavy use found on military sea vessels.

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