Apal Distribution Presents the Egg Tub

I'm beginning to think there's an egg conspiracy. After writing about Egg-shaped chairs and loveseats, beds and bathtubs, showers and stoves-even egg-inspired lamps and cribs-I'm considering the possibility of an underground group that's out to give birth to ovum-based design. They're laying the seeds, impregnating our minds with visions of dancing ovaloid forms. And it's all very attractive: the oospore reminds us of reproduction and creation, of biological imperatives and all things hatching-the egg is the shape of emergence. And so, egg design is teeming and fruitful.

Egg XL. Designed by Apal Distribution.

It makes sense, then, that California-based bath manufacturer, importer, and design studio Apal Distribution has its hands in that basket too. Their transparently titled Egg is the bathtub homage to the elliptic sprig. Shaped in that unmistakable oval that means life, the Egg Bathtub has much in common with the carton of eggs hailing from the market. Egg Tub comes in different sizes-one could say small or large. The freestanding model comes as Egg XL and Egg, both in standard white (standard for tubs and for eggs). The XL version is made of Granilite, a non-porous composite material made of mineral filler and acrylic resin. The regular Egg (Grade A?) comes in Granilite and custom colors "including mineral finishes like marble or stone and metallic finishes like Zinc or Brass."

Apal Distribution Presents the Egg Tub

Like so many eggs in so many dozens, the Egg bathtub by Apal Distribution also comes "broken." As an alternative to the freestanding Egg Bathtub, the wall-mounted Egg has one of its side arcs sliced off, so that the Egg appears to be originating from the wall itself. When you have to fill in the ovoid shape, it becomes that much more seductive. It presents a mysterious withholding that mimics the essential egg state-of waiting-of waiting to hatch.

Via Interior Design.

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