EuroCucina 2012 Preview: Smart Prisma Kitchen by Toncelli

For those who enjoy the kitchen for culinary creativity as much as the design of its parts, we could rave about the latest cooking assistants all day – like the iPad’s new Chef Sleeve. But since we’d like to have our cake and eat it too, the smart technology of the kitchen design by Toncelli gives us the best of both worlds. Scheduled for release at EuroCucina 2012 (that runs concurrently with Salone di Milano), the Prisma kitchen uses high tech design and illumination to create the ultimate culinary experience.

Prisma Kitchen. Manufactured by Toncelli.

Using Minimalist Design, the Smart Technology of a Tablet Fuses into an Elegant Kitchen

Working in tandem with Experientia, an experience design consultancy, the Italian manufacturer has come up with a kitchen concept that travels far beyond our wildest expectations for the year of 2012. For one, there’s no clutter: no cords, no devices, no screens, and no chance for spilling on them. With the Samsung Galaxy tablet’s technology built into its work surface for an clean and simple way to follow recipes, Toncelli has officially set the bar with this futuristic kitchen design.

Prisma Kitchen. Manufactured by Toncelli.

Celebrating their 19th time presenting at EuroCucina 2012, Toncelli focuses on the language of technology seamlessly integrated into design. Beside the Samsung Galaxy tablet component in the island, their Prisma kitchen design packs a shiny punch. With its sliding cutting board, light shining up from the bottom of the modules, invisible door handles, transparent tops, and innovative open/close door mechanisms, it’s weightless use of the dynamic white, red and black colors create a hidden “prism” upon the surfaces of the doors.

via ArchiProducts.

About the Manufacturer: Beginning in 1983, Toncelli Cucine Spa started out designing and manufacturing a line of kitchens that had 106 different door options using glass, foam rubber, metallic and laminate finishes. Since then, the Tuscan-based manufacturer evolved with the times, creating numerous other kitchen designs that used innovation and high Italian-made quality. Having attended EuroCucina on 18 occasions prior to 2012, the company is an experienced catalyst in culinary design and will draw quite the crowd with their latest Prisma kitchen design this spring.

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