Viola Park Kitchens: Sustainability is in the Details

Giotto was asked by the Pope to give an example of his work that would exhibit his competence and style. In response, he drew a perfect circle, freehand. The Pope got the message, Giotto got the job. The lesson – good quality, intelligent design trumps wild ideas every time. One sect of the sustainable design community is focusing on bringing back the traditional values of craftsmanship and longevity. What good is a green product if its got one foot in the trash?

Viola Park Kitchens. Designed by Viola Park.

Modular Kitchens by Viola Park. All images courtesy of Viola Park
Launching under the wing of parent company Henrybuilt, Viola Park offers a modular kitchen system that is adaptable to a wide range of situations without no customization necessary. Viola Park provides a comparable aesthetic, quality, and sustainable emphasis to Henrybuilt at an accessible price point.
Modular Kitchens by Viola Park
Part of their philosophy insists upon a complete finished product, which eliminates the mistakes and chaos that typically come along with kitchen design. The Island Program is Viola Park’s shout out to the one-off buyer, offering the opportunity to purchase a fixed or mobile (not to mention attractive and functional) kitchen island that can be added to an existing space.

“Viola Park can be traditional, modern, formal or casual.” (Viola Park)
Modular Kitchens by Viola Park
In addition to aesthetic bliss, these kitchens function. Components like a pivot storage system, drawer organizers, and an integrated bread box are designed from a functional standpoint. The bread box is beautifully designed and can be used to store a variety on items at an arms reach without being in the way. The pivot storage system is incredibly cool, providing super functional storage that doesn’t limit what types of kitchen tools can be placed inside.
Modular Kitchens by Viola Park
Green features include a base cabinet core with no added urea formaldehyde, FSC Certified woods and water based low VOC lacquers. Bamboo is a popular option, as are Paperstone countertops among the other available countertop materials. All Viola Park kitchen are produced in Seattle, unlike many high end kitchens which are produced in Europe. Yeah for shorter shipping distances.

About the Company: Founded in 2009, Viola Park is owned and operated by the Henrybuilt Corporation which is known primarily for its premium custom kitchen system. Viola Park has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Dwell, Interior Design Magazine, and was awarded an Interior Design Magazine Best of Year award in 2009. The company is based in Seattle, WA, and serves clients throughout the US and Canada. (Viola Park Press Release February 14, 2011)

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