Vanerum Stelter’s Executive Drafting Table

Admittedly, I had a brief flirtation with teaching. Sadly, however, I was constrained to the types of thankless courses that tenured types lob off on to grad students—beginning composition, intro. to literature, and the like…. The upshot is that I never rose to the level of authority and expertise implied by Vanerum Stelter’s Executive Drafting Table. This versatile standing desk with a tilt-up top would seem to be a must have in the arsenal of any career academic.

Executive Drafting Table. Manufactured by Vanerum Stelter.

Vanerum Stelter’s Executive Drafting Table is Venerable and Versatile

The uses of a piece like Vanerum Stelter’s Executive Desk are many and varied. Given my personal experience, however, I see it front and center in a Harvard Lecture Hall, where some grey-bearded stentorian can pontificate endlessly about the motifs of reciprocity in Don Quixote and Ulysses.

That may sound like a dig, but both Don Quixote and Ulysses are dear to my heart, and the scenario intends a sort of wish-fulfillment for a personal alternate reality. The abridged version of this is that if I could go back and become a Professor, I’d bring the Executive along with me.

Executive Drafting Table. Manufactured by Vanerum Stelter.

The piece works equally well as a standing desk or podium. And it works even better for its ostensible principal purpose—as a drafting table. Executive is a solid wood piece with an integrated tilt-lift mechanism that rises up to 50 degrees, with 14 different fixed positions along the way. The moving parts of Executive are heavy duty steel with a chromated finish. The lower half features the functional and fascinating detail of four piece metal slat bars. Finish options include laminate, veneer, or standard edgebands. Leg Glides are available with nylon or steel levelers adjustable up to 1.25” high.

About the Manufacturer: Despite the exotic-sounding name, Vanerum Stelter is an American furniture company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Producers of desking, seating, shelving, and other assorted products for the education market, the company believes that ergonomic design can help students learn and educators teach. Vanerum Stelter creates i3 environments: environments that are interactive, integrated, and inspirational.

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