Intriguing New Laminates from Wilsonart

Intriguing New Laminates from Wilsonart

Wilsonart Color Me Intrigued samples of six styles

Color Me Intrigued by Wilsonart is a new collection of laminate surfaces that wraps up the company’s curated selection of quarterly intros for 2019 that “fully embrace the concept of individualism.”

Wilsonart Color Me Intrigued Emerald Jewel design of cool colors in a prismatic pattern with open book and pencil

“Color Me” is indeed curiously intriguing. Fashioned after the way light breaks into facets of color when refracted through a prism, the collection offers dazzling displays of vivid geometry, as well as the staid subtlety of rich, solid color.

Wilsonart Color Me Intrigued maple with three green books and three pairs of sunglasses

These last styles make a surprising impact: deep, warm maple and multi-hued greens are classically appealing, deeply resonant, and innately versatile—“serious and sophisticated, funky and playful, or simply chic depending on the prevailing style of furnishings and accessories.”

Wilsonart Color Me Intrigued Green Tourmaline with fancy pen case and fancy pen

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