The Bender Table Lamp by Blu Dot

Of a mind to cut loose? Maybe hop on the 15 South and head out to Vegas? There’s a term for those moods that strike us with the occasional yen to engage in what might be described as freeing yet potentially unhealthy behavior. But if you don’t have the present wherewithal (or if perhaps you lack the requisite sense of self-destructiveness), to go on an actual bender, you can opt for a metaphorical liberation with Blu Dot’s Bender Table Lamp.

Bender Table Lamp. Designed and Manufactured by BluDot.

Blu Dot’s Bender Combines Unorthodox Materials in a Contemporary Table Lamp

Admitted, it might be a stretch to suggest that a table lamp is a valid substitute for breaking away to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but for aficionados of smart design, the Bender Table Lamp offers some consolation.

The most striking aspect of this original piece is its double-bent stem, which, contrary to more conventional designs, serves to balance the entire works in a slightly cantilevered configuration. Both the base and the stem of the Bender Lamp are constructed of Powder Coated Steel, a choice that facilitates the clever double bend that gives the piece its structural support as well as its name.

Bender Table Lamp. Designed and Manufactured by BluDot.

Beyond the formal innovation of the structure, the piece also gets kudos for its innovative use of materials. Both the shade and the 80 inch cord are covered with luxuriant cloth, which not only makes handling the Bender Lamp especially inviting, but also creates an intriguing textural and aesthetic contrast with the industrial bent of the powder-coated steel.

The Bender Lamp is available in black with a black cord or white with a red cord. The lamp houses your choice of a 100 watt incandescent bulb or a 23 watt CFL (included). The piece is priced affordably at $199.

About the Manufacturer: Blu Dot is John Christakos, Charles Lazor, and Maurice Blanks—college acquaintances who share a vocation and an enduring vision: “to bring good design to as many people as possible.” Beyond the aesthetic achievements of clever, unorthodox, and texturally intriguing pieces like the Watt, Rook, and Stilt table lamps, Blu Dot excels for keeping prices low, thus creating items for the home that are not only beautiful, but also affordable and purposeful.

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