Old School Stool: SBW by Miles & May

Miles & May

designs and builds unique furniture that depends heavily on material for its inspiration and form. The company’s owners, Brandon and Amy Phillips, choose their wood carefully, based on both environmental and aesthetic factors: “Nearly 90 percent of our wood comes from waste, recycled, and local non-commercial sources.” This dedication to each piece of wood takes time, since Miles & May hand selects every timber and specifies how it should be milled and dried.

SBW Stool. Manufactured by Miles & May.

Reclaimed Heart Pine and Black Steel Stool

You can see the attention to detail at work in the SBW Stool. Crafted from reclaimed heart pine and powder-coated black steel, SBW Stool resembles a giant cork or African drum. This dollop of gorgeous wood gets put on a classic, four-legged pedestal, where you can admire its every grain, crack, and knot. Miles & May pair this piece of wood with an industrial base reminiscent of mid-century office chairs and drafting stools. The mechanism that lifts and lowers the SBW Stool is a simple screw, adding to the elemental feel of the piece–a celebration of timber and steel.

Old School Stool: SBW by Miles & May

SBW Stool measures H: 18-22.75″ x W: 17″ x L: 17″. With a walnut finish, the seat is as warm as a wine cask and as aromatic as a fine cigar. To me, it also looks like a large polished chestnut–something out of a squirrel’s winter dream. The whole effect is one that pays homage to the beauty of wood.

About the Manufacturer: Miles & May furniture works started in 1996 “with the belief that great design and craftsmanship weren't imports or things from the past.” With a focus on one-of-a-kind materials and fine craftsmanship, the company believes in creating timeless products. Owned by Brandon & Amy Phillips, Miles & May has its manufacturing facilities in the Cracker Factory, a turn-of-the-century artist complex located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

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