Thrilling Three-Legged Stool: Trine by Studio TK

Thrilling Three-Legged Stool: Trine by Studio TK

Trine, by Estudi Manel Molina for Studio TK takes a timeless form and renders it ultra-contemporary.

Trine stools in four different finishes on wooden floor

A simple stool modeled after the even-simpler iconography of Spanish milking stools, Trine (loosely translated as “triad”) incorporates fabric, metal, and wood—a triad of natural materials that come together seamlessly in this versatile piece.

Detail of maroon fabric and metal seat on a stool
Trine overhead view, stool in dark gray fabric

With three different heights, Trine serves whether you’re being served (as at the McKenna Bar in the image up top) or putting in your own service while seated and working.

Detail of footrest in chrome with black wooden legs

Details include the elegant circular footrest pictured above. Trine’s light weight enhances its versatility, and a variety of powder-coat and wood finishes (16 and 5, respectively) offers aesthetic options. Trine is available in a selection of Studio TK-curated textiles from Luum, Kvadrat, and Maharam, “embellishing the room and encouraging onlookers to take a seat.”

Overhead view of Trine collection, many colors

Find out more at Studio TK.

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