Spiral Stool by MisoSoupDesign

Spiral Stool by MisoSoupDesign

Typically, a cardboard box is used for nothing more than receptacle for storing belongings, but Taipei-based design group MisoSoupDesign had a different idea, creating a stool out of the normally mondane material.


Made using only recycled cardboard and free of any additional materials like hardware and glue, the Spiral Stool is a both stylish and sustainable. Each seat combines eight sheets of cardboard, which are folded and bent at different angles, giving the finished product a faceted quality.


Because of its specific construction, each stool can withstand a weight of up to 220 pounds, and the material affords creative license to paint and decorate it to accommodate any interior setting.


For more information visit MisoSoupDesign.com.

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