Thonet’s Archon Patient and Visitor Armchairs

All it takes is a brief gander at the Thonet website to refresh the collective memory of designer Michael Thonet’s inestimable contribution to the history and trajectory of A&D. With his invention of steam bending, Thonet “laid the corner of industrial production.” Not many could have foreseen the technology’s entry into a field with the utilitarian constraints of healthcare, but then, not many have the vision for such an aesthetically appealing piece of furniture as the Thonet Archon Patient and Visitor Chair.

Archon Patient and Visitor Chair. Designed by Just Bernhard Meijer. Manufactured by Thonet.

Thonet’s Archon Patient and Visitor Chair Gives Hospitals and Doctors Offices a Good Dose of High Style

Of course, steam bending not only influenced production techniques, it also affected the prevailing aesthetic zeitgeist, as it gave designers a tool for creating elegantly serpentining shapes with wood. But the technique is typically reserved for luxurious home furnishings. That is to say, it was, before the innovations of designer Just Bernhard Meijer.

Meijer’s Archon Patient/Visitor Chair and Archon High Back Chair display an ingenious synthesis of pragmatism and excellent style. The pair of arm chairs features Thonet’s signature Beech Molded Plywood frames, a molded plywood back, and foam upholstered seats and backs.

Archon Patient and Visitor Chair. Designed by Just Bernhard Meijer. Manufactured by Thonet.

The formula—which I might characterize as two parts utilitarian and one part aesthetic indulgence—manifests in a durable pair of chairs that are extremely attractive. And certainly, no one will object to that—neither doctors, nor patients, nor visitors.

The Thonet Archon Chairs are available in multiple colors (“G” 415 Greige, “M” 416 Maroon, or “B” 410 Black). Options include an exposed polypropylene seat for extra protection against the occasional spill.

About the Manufacturer: Thonet began long ago in 1830 when Michael Thonet created what was to become known as “bentwood” furniture. After producing bentwood pieces on an industrial scale, the company eventually sold in 1987, becoming Thonet Industries U.S.A. In the company’s current incarnation as a brand of the CF Group, Thonet has substantially expanded their product offerings and made a successful foray into the contract, education, and healthcare venues. Thonet makes its furniture in the United States, “hand built by skilled craftsmen.” The company purchases only FSC-certified hardwoods for their tables and wood chairs; they supply bio foam upon request, as well as recycled materials.

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