Luxxbox Motif for a new Look in Acoustical Lighting

Luxxbox Motif for a new Look in Acoustical Lighting

Dampen sound and brighten the surroundings with Luxxobx Motif—a new acoustical lighting line that features an engaging geometric aesthetic.

Luxxbox Motif Dazzle on circular shade black

The collection features three patterns. Moon is a creative rendering of circles and semi-circles shot through with stripes and solid colors.

Luxxbox Motif Moons detail red, pink, white

Dazzle features a profusion of thin intersecting lines for a panoply of shapes against a solid background.

Luxxbox Motif  Dazzle in three shapes in workspace

Lastly, Lines offers ribbons of juxtaposed diagonal lines, evoking a 70s psychedelic vibe.

LUxxbox Motif Lines pink/red detail

Motif’s aesthetic allure is complemented by its capacity for attenuating sound—especially valuable in open, high-traffic environments like healthcare, hospitality, and education.

Luxxobx Motif Mooons three shapes in different colors

To find out more, see Luxxbox.

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