Emeco’s Sezz Chair

The wonderful world of aluminum – it’s cool to the touch and visually modern. One of my favorites has always been the Navy chair by Emeco, as well as so many of their handcrafted aluminum chairs. So, I was delighted to see new additions to this well-known family – the Sezz Collection of chairs, stools and swivel chairs, designed by the French designer Christophe Pillet with Emeco.

Sezz Designed With Christophe Pillet for Emeco.

Who Sezz A Chair Can’t Make You Happy?

Combining the craftsmanship Emeco is known for and the artistry of Christophe Pillet, the Sezz chair was designed specially for the Sezz Hotel in St. Tropez, and recently launched in Paris. The collection is a charming fusion of comfort and durability, and utterly timeless, exactly what Emeco is known for – products designed to last 150 years.  Sezz includes a lounge chair, side chair, barstool and two types of swivel chairs (with castors or glides) and said to make you feel ‘happy’ when you take a seat.  Christophe Pillet has created a new modern icon that promises to be used, found, and re-used over and over again.

Sezz Designed With Christophe Pillet for Emeco.

A Happy Family of Chairs, Stools and Swivel Chairs.

A lasting material and a unique manufacturing process, Sezz is produced at the Emeco factory in Pennsylvania.  Both chairs and stools are made with recycled aluminum, and the super-precise technique gives these chairs a one-piece appearance. I especially love that the welding seams are invisible.  It’s seated curves and classic lines are a perfect match. Emeco is a master of creating products that maintain a sense of timelessness but always suggest just enough luxury to make them the perfect seating solution for almost any style environment.

About the Manufacturer: Founded in 1944 by Wilton C. Dinges, the Electrical Machine and Equipment Company— a quintessentially American factory — based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, Emeco has been the leading manufacturer of handcrafted aluminum chairs for 65 years. Their first product, the Navy Chair, is made to last a hundred and fifty years. Emeco is still built by people who see problems as opportunities, who believed that freedom is only worth something if you use it to create a better world. The people who invent the products understand that new materials and techniques open great vistas of possibility. Like the folks who make the products at Emeco, they take pride in their work, and want to share the best they could do with as many people as possible.

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