HD Expo 2024: Bernhardt Hospitality

HD Expo 2024: Bernhardt Hospitality

Bernhardt Hospitality is another exhibitor at the HD Expo + Conference in Las Vegas from April 30 until May 2, 2024. Bernhardt is based out of Lenoir, North Carolina, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where furniture making has a rich history. At the HD Expo + Conference, Bernhardt will be sharing their elevated furniture for hotels, offices, and public spaces.

Coco Fabric Swivel Chair from Bernhardt Hospitality

One such seating offering in Bernhardt’s New Introductions Collection is the curvilinear Coco Fabric Swivel Chair, a podular, cozy, marshmallow cocoon. What a cloud-like destination for an afternoon!

Side view of Coco Fabric Swivel Chair from Bernhardt Hospitality

Coco is the chic swivel chair you might not ever buy for your own home, but since you’re on vacation, it invites you do something other than read through your email on your phone. Put that away, it says.

Macro shot of Coco Fabric Swivel Chair textile texture from Bernhardt Hospitality

While that nubby Teddy texture (especially in neutral tones) draws attention, it also soothes and calms. Coco is the same, being entirely grounded and generous. Don that hotel robe and take a cat nap here. Who knows, maybe that cat nap will last all afternoon? Or, Coco may be the exact place to have the heart-to-heart you’ve been needing to have, maybe with yourself or another person. The swivel makes it easier to see both sides.  

Coco Fabric Swivel Chair from Bernhardt Hospitality

Take note that not everything in Bernhardt’s New Introductions is white bouclé.

The Pravo Side Chair excels at holding down the other side of the equation. Pravo is made of a warm bronzed metal that flows.

Its form is slightly industrial, but equally artistic. Pull this chair out from under the table and you will find its modern upholstered seat.

Bernhardt Hospitality image of two bouclé chairs

The Bernhardt family is actively involved in the company’s current success. Third- and fourth-generation family members are at the helm, and their operation has expanded from their humble roots in North Carolina to a global concern.

Bernhardt's corporate headquarters in North Carolina

As a company, they seem to have clever ideas that go beyond their furniture making. Fun fact: the same year Bernhardt launched its hospitality division in 2008, they also celebrated one hundred years of business. To commemorate their centennial anniversary, they installed a time capsule in the wall outside the front door of their corporate office.

Outdoor furniture from Bernhardt Hospitality

They plan to open the sealed time capsule on March 28, 2089, their 200th anniversary. Are you also wildly curious to know what a furniture company puts inside a time capsule? Miniature versions of their best-selling products? Journal entries from the boss during those first few years of business? Sofa designs that seem too far-fetched for right now? I guess we too will have to wait until 2089 to find out. Only time will tell.

Visit Bernhardt Hospitality at Booth #4318.

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