Contour PUR Linoleum Flooring by Armstrong

With the many uses of linoleum on the market, it’s becoming one of the best ways to set your flooring up for years of success using a resilient, versatile, and environmentally-friendly option. Add the fact that Armstrong creates their Contour PUR linoleum floors in a selection of 16 different color schemes and you can perfectly match your commercial project’s color scheme to perfection.

Contour PUR in Turquoise. Manufactured by Armstrong.

In Sixteen Colors, the Contour PUR Linoleum Floors by Armstrong are as Vibrant as they are Versatile.

Contour PUR linoleum flooring can be used in various commercial projects that may include: universities, museums, and any size office. Sixteen colors look like tiny brilliant color particles mixed into a strong shade of gray, and they come in three different sizes. All sixteen colors come in a square tile option (60.8 cm x 60.8 cm) and either a 180 cm width sheet or a 183 cm width sheet, at a thin, 2 mm thickness. Twelve colors fall into the 180 cm sheet option and the remaining four colors fall into the 183 cm width sheets.

Contour PUR in Turquoise. Manufactured by Armstrong.

Armstrong’s DLW collection of 13 homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl floor coverings include the Contour PUR flooring. It, among the rest, fall into line with the wide variety of chip designs, marbled and directional patterns, and color wheel of options. With its little maintenance required, the linoleum flooring of the Contour PUR and other similar collections is a sure fit for projects of heavy traffic requirements.

Contour PUR in Turquoise. Manufactured by Armstrong.

Contour PUR in Ruby. Manufactured by Armstrong.

Matching strength to its wide variety, flexibility and beauty, the Contour PUR linoleum floors by Armstrong comes in a color choices so that flooring unites perfectly into a well-planned interior and architectural space.

About the Manufacturer: Armstrong Floor Products is one of the branches within the Armstrong World Industries umbrella corporation based in the U.S. It’s varied flooring options for both commercial flooring and residential flooring projects covers DLW Linoleum, DLW Vinyl, DLW Luxury Vinyl and DLW Fibrebonded materials. Although their European headquarters are in Bietigheim, Germany, they sell Armstrong flooring products across Europe and around the world as well.

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