Sequel Rubber Cork Flooring by Capri Cork

In middle school track and field, we trained and raced on a track made of tar that looked like a beat up, old driveway. While I suppose the school planning committee didn’t know better, half of the kids who could have done something great in track had shin splints and quit by high school. Suffering through, I ran my first varsity race against our rivals on their track made of shredded rubber tires. While a healthcare facility might rather see you have a shin splint, they benefit from Sequel rubber and cork flooring that stays strong just like the shins of those who walk it daily.

Sequel rubber cork flooring. Manufactured by Capri Cork.

Made of Rubber and Cork, Sequel is a Durable Flooring Solution for Healthcare Environments.

Sequel, made with a combination of SBR rubber and cork, offers a subtle texture in a durable construction suitable for a variety of commercial installations,” begins the flooring manufacturer, Capri Cork. Since they’re known for the cork content in their flooring collections designed for contract settings, they’ve gone above and beyond by making performance flooring that meets and exceeds ASTM F 1344 standards for rubber flooring and is a FloorScore® certified product.

Sequel rubber cork flooring. Manufactured by Capri Cork.

Sequel – carbon. Manufactured by Capri Cork.

“The cork content which is dispersed throughout the entire thickness of the tile, adds a natural, renewable component to the rubber,” Capri Cork continues. “Sequel is durable, comfortable under foot, offers great slip resistance, can handle rolling loads, and is easy to maintain.” Each Sequel tile size measures 19-11/16″ x 19-11/16″ and is 3 mm thick (50 cm x 50 cm x 3 mm).

Sequel rubber cork flooring. Manufactured by Capri Cork.

Sequel – geranium. Manufactured by Capri Cork.

In a variety of neutral to bright shades, the Sequel rubber cork flooring and its required finish coat can be combined to create dramatic flooring for healthcare facilities and other contract environments.

About the Manufacturer: Capri Cork is a high quality commercial flooring manufacturer that specializes in floor coverings that use cork, rubber or a combination to create strong, colorful solutions. Featuring collections that use gluedown cork and cork floating floors as well as recycled rubber collections, the eco-friendly manufacturer is as responsible as it is stylish, coming in various colors and combinations.

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