Let It Flow: Corques Liquid Linoleum

Let It Flow: Corques Liquid Linoleum

Corques Liquid Linoleum is a technology 150 years in the making.

Corques Liquid Linoleum in Admiral De Ruyter Hospital gray floor may chairs around

The aforesaid century and a half dates back to the origin of linoleum sheet flooring, an outdated and inefficient method that often creates significant waste.

Corques Liquid Linoleum in Don Bosco school gray floor with little girl looking out window

Corques’ proprietary process captures all the great qualities of this innately sustainable flooring: made of limestone, wood flour, cork, vegetable oil, and natural pigment, Liquid Lino is an ecologically minded product that maintains safe indoor air.

Corques Liquid Linoleum Province house rust colored floor with adjacent wooden stairs

The perks extend to installation. Liquid lino is poured on-site, setting overnight to create a beautiful, seamless, and durable product with excellent resilience.

Corques Liquid Linoleum in Rotterdam Restaurant lime green

Corques Liquid Lino is Safe-Indoor-Air certified; it’s VOC- and PVC-free, with no plasticizers, no formaldehyde, no chlorine, and no heavy metals. 54 standard colors are available with options for customized colors as well.

Corques Liquid Linoleum color chart

See Corques Liquid Lino to find out more. And check out Designer Pages Media for more sustainable flooring.

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