The Timeless Style of an Inscape System by Inscape Solutions

While the team at Inscape Solutions works to bring their Inscape System to showroom at NeoCon East this week (Booth #2133), we get to marvel at the imagination they had in creating this modular spectacle. With “limitless applications using a set of universal components”, the Inscape Solutions bring out brilliant workstation design.

Inscape System. Manufactured by Inscape Solutions.

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With a touch of color to the neutral palette we begin with, the Inscape Solutions workstations are not vying for the trendy title. Instead, it seems their dedication to creating high quality, high style that lasts has been the right investment of their time and energy. Based on ideals set over 120 years ago, when the company began in Rochester, New York (under the name Office Specialty), these collaborative work areas are built to last in timeless appearance and durability.

Inscape System. Manufactured by Inscape Solutions.

Using high or low panels for privacy, and panel depth options that range from 2.75″ to 3.5″ thick, one frame can fit a combination of different tile heights and thicknesses, worksurfaces, connectors, support brackets, and technology. With this integrated approach, the design flexibility lives up to the infinite amount of options present. While thick panels are recommended for large technology areas, the thin panels can be used elsewhere to save space at the junctions and provide you with the maximum cost and spatial savings. The Inscape System by Inscape Solutions can be used for workstations, benching, collaborative areas, private offices, and any other space that will benefit from the fashionable flow and privacy that the system offers.

Inscape System. Manufactured by Inscape Solutions.

“Don’t just imagine. Discover Inscape System…” says it all. By using your eye for design to manipulate and coordinate colors, styles, sizes, and set-up, the Inscape System guides the modular world of office solutions with what they call a “perfect fusion of form and function” that stays in style today and tomorrow.

About the Manufacturer: Inscape is the designer/manufacturer of innovative solutions for the workplace. They have a range of systems furniture, filing and storage, desks, casegoods and architectural products that are made to meet the multi-generational workforce using top quality design and manufacturing standards. Since 1888, the company now known as Inscape has specialized in the filing and storing products that are essential to efficient and effective work spaces worldwide.

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