e_serie Contract Casegoods Designed by team by wellis

Ah, the wondrous cuboid. How could you not love a term that evokes the perfection of a recti-linear, equilateral volume; the technological aspirations of the future; the perceived endearments of diminutive forms of artificial life? Granted, that last attribute may seem like a non-sequitur, but I’ve always associated the suffix “-oid” with the little robot vacuum cleaner from Wall*E—and as we all know, there’s nothing cuter than a little robot vacuum cleaner… In any case, these three qualities apply in equal measure to the e_serie contract casegoods by manufacturer team by wellis.

e_serie. Designed by team by wellis.

A Swiss Approach to Containment

team by wellis works from the small Swiss town of Willisau, not far from Lucerne. And though—from the vastness of the landscape—it might appear that nothing in Switzerland were contained, the e_serie gives the lie to that notion. The collection aspires to containment of the most elegant variety. Modeled on the baseline shape of the cuboid, the e_serie offers free-standing cabinetry for just about any application—“stowing and storing, displaying and presenting, selling and dreaming.” Translated into more pedestrian terms, the e_serie presents the kind of enticing versatility that will appeal to “opticians and jewelers, banks or representative offices… even private homes.”

e_serie Contract Casegoods by team by wellis
e_serie Contract Casegoods Designed by team by wellis
e_serie Contract Casegoods Designed by team by wellis

Available in single or double-width versions, the e_serie measures in at 117 cm high x 54 cm wide (double that for the double-width model) with a triple high version of 180 cm. These size variations are pragmatic but unremarkable—it’s only once we consider the incredible array of finish options that e_serie truly begins to shine: solid stained walnut in multiple colors, transparent glass, frosted glass, clear glass with walnut drawers, clear glass with drawers in black mdf, frosted glass with drawers in polished aluminum. The look can be as quiet and simplistic as you desire, or as chaotic and complex as you wish. The great number of options makes e_serie adaptable to the aforementioned applications, as they allow you to conceal or display your wares in many moods, many shades, many modulations of compelling materiality. The bottom line with e_serie is that it enlivens the often mundane task of storage, elevating display to a form of high art that even curators will envy.

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