Mangiafuoco by Ak47

Thinking a fire pit is the last thing you want to see when it is over 100 degrees this summer?  Luckily, the Mangiafuoco fire pit serves as an efficient cook top as well.  BBQ in style as summer comes to an end and transition into fall and winter with a beautiful outdoor fireplace by Ak47.

Mangiafuoco. Desgined by Ak47.

Small, Yet Great, Mangiafuoco Contains Fire in A Compact Shape

A wood fireplace for outdoor use, Magiafuoco’s simple form allows it to be placed in any architectural environment.  Measuring in at 17.8” tall and an overall diameter of 31”, this fire pit’s compact size makes it especially appealing for urban environments.  Packaged in a ready-to-assemble kit, the Magiafuoco is rated easy to assemble.

Mangiafuoco. Desgined by Ak47.

The Magiafuoco is built using two circular steel elements placed inside each other.  The outer element is ¼” carbon steel coated with either a rust or powder white finish.  The actual fire pit is then placed inside.  Between the two circular elements is a void that can be filled with gravel, lava rock, or sand to add to the aesthetic appeal.  Wood can then be stacked at the bottom of the fire pit with a grill placed above for cooking, or used without the grill to create a controlled fire performance.

Mangiafuoco. Desgined by Ak47.

About the Manufacturer:  Ak47 is a collaboration between Italian designers Ivano Losa and Matteo Galbusera.  From the drawing board to production and packaging, Ak47 products are designed to reflect industrialized craftsmanship.  Each piece is handcrafted and unique.

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