Conmoto’s Turn: A Rotating Fireplace

Who doesn’t love a good fire? With a massive storm brewing in the Northeast, even the illusion of coziness is appealing. Factor in the upcoming holiday and “warmth” – in any shape or form – somehow seems desirable. Turn, a rotating fireplace from Conmoto, lets you have heat from every conceivable angle. Plus, with a logo that reads “Love burns. Love grows. Love happens.” it’s seasonally appropriate.

Turn. Designed by Conmoto.

Turn is the answer for open living: the real, wood-burning fireplace is no longer tied to the living room environment. As its name suggests, it can be rotated as desired. In an open floor plan, it provides ambience for a romantic dinner, followed by warmth and coziness on the sofa – by simply rotating it as you change locale. Consisting of a column and a rectangular prism, its form is all about the basics. A combined storage unit for wood keeps things clean and simple. “In its form, the horizontally located fireplace communicates the lightness of the free-floating fire.”



For free-standing installation, Conmoto recommends screwing it down onto the floor for extra security – through holds pre-drilled in the base plate. “Alternatively, an additional counterweight accommodated in the integrated storage element ensures that its own weight is balanced and stable.” Turn eliminates the need for any grate or ash pan, thanks to its optimally regulated combustion process. This contemporary fireplace, designed by Schweiger & Viererbl won the Good Design Award 2009.

If you’re traveling to see someone this season, never fear. Conmoto also makes the Travelmate Portable Fireplace, to can create intimacy and ambience anywhere. At 55lbs, you’ll also get a workout.

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