The Masterful Flaster ‘Camelion’ Concrete Tiles by Ivanko

Cover your floors or walls with a splash of color in a concrete tile design in swooping shapes and a wide array of colors, and you may never go back to the boring squares that run rampant on the floors and walls around the world. Flaster, also known as ‘Camelion’, is the new line of concrete tiles by Ivanka Studio that were presented during the London Design Festival 2010 late last month.

Flaster. Designed by Ivanka Studio for Flaster.

Based in Budapest, Ivanka Studio specializes in specialized concrete tiles, panels, and contemporary gravestones. The company itself was founded by Katalin and Andras Ivanka back in 2003, and they’re brand is dedicated to treating concrete “like a living organism that was conceived and born, enters relationships, has values, a unique identity and a personality”. Famous for their Milan Design Week debut of the SEEYOU Gravestone in 2009, Ivanka took the 21th century taboo subject of design for the dead with their presentation of AFTERLIFESTYLE, that allows “spiritual design (to) transcend life”. Not new to receiving awards for their designs, the SEEYOU gravestone design won a Hungary Design Award from the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2009.

The Masterful Flaster ‘Camelion’ Concrete Tiles by Ivanko
The Masterful Flaster ‘Camelion’ Concrete Tiles by Ivanko

In a plentiful group of fourteen different colors, the concrete Flaster tiles were designed by co-founder András Rudolf Ivánka himself, and are made for both interior and exterior use. Due to their versatility in use and shade of tile desired as well as an overall innovator in the field of tile design, Ivanko Studio received the ‘Flooring of the Year 2010’ nomination from the Elle Decoration International Design Awards.

Manufactured by their own company’s Concrete Works facility, out of high performance concrete, the Flaster line comes in 300 x 300mm and 150 x 150mm sizes. The material’s thickness depends on it function, but comes in five different sizes: 6cm, 4cm, 3cm, 2cm, or 1.5cm. Take you pick between the standard color choices – and mix and match as you like – or opt for a custom color upon request.

Master your surfaces from floor to ceiling with the latest Flaster tile by Ivanka.

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