Humanscale’s V6 Wall Station: an Ergonomic Monitor for Healthcare

We've seen Humanscale's contributions to improving the workplace environment with such fetching and functional task lamps as Diffrient and such handsome and harmonious seating as the Trea Guest Chair. Today we're privileged to preview one of the manufacturer's recent contributions to the healthcare field: the V6 Wall Station/Display Monitor.

V6 Wall Station/Display Monitor. Manufactured by Humanscale.

The Enhanced Ergonomics of Humanscale's V6 Wall Station

V6 is a versatile and ergonomic approach to display monitors for healthcare venues. "Combining exceptional space-savings with leading ergonomic design," V6 helps make certain that caregivers don't compromise their health in the course of their everyday routine.

Humanscale's V6 Wall Station: an Ergonomic Monitor for Healthcare

Recent research has shown the importance of proper positioning at computer work stations, and V6 embodies the basics: monitor at eye level to encourage a relaxed head position, upper arms perpendicular to lower, and a neutral spine. These guidelines hold whether sitting or standing, and V6 facilitates both.

V6's aluminum mounting hardware supports a monitor and keyboard and does so with a slim profile and out-of-the-way infrastructure that saves space. Both monitor and keyboard can be adjusted to any height, thus accommodating the bodily peculiarities of any and all users.

V6 also boasts many features apropos of a healthcare setting: the sealed cable management system is hygienic, its limited surface area facilitates easy cleaning, and all its exterior cracks and crevices are completely sealed. Taken as a whole, these features help stave off the spread of infection. Lastly-as if to illustrate one way to improve the health of mother earth-V6 contains 51% recyclable material, "including eco-friendly aluminum and steel."

About the Manufacturer: In 2004 when I.D. Magazine lauded Humanscale as "one of the ten best companies worldwide that help push design forward," they'd really only just begun. Since receiving those laurels, the manufacturer of seating, lighting, height-adjustable tables, and keyboard systems (among other workplace essentials that make all our lives easier) has produced such innovative items as the Liberty Chair, the Element Task Light, and this year's Difrient World Chair.

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