SitOnIt’s eBEAM is the Spine of the Workstation

SitOnIt’s eBEAM is the Spine of the Workstation

Tap into the heart and soul of your workstation with SitOnIt’s eBEAM, an adaptable power and data module that easily conforms to many sizes of stationary and movable worktops.

SitOnIt's eBEAM  white solo

eBEAM features adjustable legs, attachable screens, and multiple lengths to support up to ten workers.

SitOnIt's eBEAM at combo workstation with different desk heights

It also clears away the clutter by managing cables with horizontal, vertical and in-feed wire management as well as hidden power receptacles and data ports.

SitOnIt's eBEAM depiction of moving worktops

eBEAM also features a variety of screen heights, screen materials (Clear acrylic, frosted acrylic, markerboard, and fabric), and three beam finishes.

SitOnIt's eBEAM detail with different screen colors and beam finishes

“A straightforward, streamlined solution,” eBEAM exemplifies smart and flexible workplace infrastructure—just what we need right now.

SitOnIt's eBEAM black finish and cork screen

To find out more, see SitOnIt Seating.

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