The Sightlines Carpet by Bev Hisey

“The Sightlines carpet was inspired by numerous visits I had to make last year to an eye specialist. Every visit began with an eye test (and tests are not one of my strengths),” writes Bev Hisey of her Sightlines rug design that takes a stab at converting these nerve-racking ophthalmology exams into a playful, graphic design.

Sightlines Carpet. Designed by Bev Hisey.

The Sightlines Carpet by Bev Hisey Shines New Light Onto Opthamology Examinations.

Infusing her clever wit and charm into every prolific carpet, textile, runner, and cushion design, Bev Hisey’s talent for patterns stem from her Toronto base. Currently she and her husband have taken on a different sort of massive project many of us are used to: home renovation, but she says she’ll continue to work on new patterns.

Sightlines Carpet. Designed by Bev Hisey.

Known for combining colors together with crazy concepts, Hisey’s end result in the Sightlines Carpet releases an attention-grabbing display of numbers and letters. It comes in two matching color schemes that are inverted, one dark with light lettering and red accents, and the other, light with dark lettering and red accents. Appearing like an actual eye exam, the Sightlines carpet spins the digits and letters 90 to 180 degrees and throws in numbers that count into the tens of thousands.

Sightlines Carpet. Designed by Bev Hisey.

Not the ideal home exam for testing your kids yet perfect as a graphic rug for their bedroom or a playroom, the Sightlines carpet by Bev Hisey is a fun piece that literally mixes it all up.

About the Designer: Starting with fashion and moving into home decor, Bev Hisey first launched a new line of handmade carpets, floor runners, cushions and blankets at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in 2002 to great applause and media recognition. Since then, Bev has been creating an ever-expanding line of quality hand-made products for the home, adding new techniques such as hand-tufting, hand-knotting, die-cutting, and silk-screening to her repertoire.

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