2014 Collection by Reuber Henning

2014 Collection by Reuber Henning

This year at annual carpet trade show Domotex, Reuber Henning will present a number of new rug creations inspired by music and film.

2014 Collection by Reuber Henning _LIT_Karaoke_brown
Karaoke, from the Lost In Translation series

In addition to various stripe designs, including three watercolour variants, and exciting new creations that form part of the ‘Lost in Translation’ series, Reuber Henning will debut a new ‘Classic’ Collection.

The Lost in Translation series was inspired by the 2003 film of the same name, which sees Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray lose themselves in the colorful lights of Tokyo. Various designs are based on crucial scenes in the film, such as "Karaoke", "Whisper" and "Lights".

2014 Collection by Reuber Henning _Neverland_Clockwork-Orange
Clockwork Orange from the Neverland series

New designs called ‘Woodland’, ‘Farmland’ and ‘Graceland’ expand the existing ‘Neverland’ collection of knotted rugs which layer 70 stripes of different color. In addition, ‘Blue Velvet’, ‘Clockwork Orange’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine’ are three new watercolor designs that have a high silk content.

Bartok, Classic
Bartok, from the Classic series

With names like ‘Bartók’, ‘Sibelius’ and ‘Chopin’, the carpets in the new ‘Classic’ collection feature traditional, geometric patterns and have a high silk content.

2014 Collection by Reuber Henning _Canvas_Shallow_blue
Shallow from the Canvas series

Crafted like a painting in wool and silk, the ‘Shallow’ design joins the existing ‘Canvas’ Collection.

2014 Collection by Reuber Henning _As_Simple_As_Paint_clementine
Paint from the As Simple As series

‘A Chorus Line’ and ‘Paint’ join Reuber Henning’s ‘As Simple As’ monochromatic rug series, which are all available in a huge range of different qualities and colours, with and without fringes.

For more information contact www.reuberhenning.de 

About the manufacturers: Founded by Birgit Krah, Franziska and Thorsten Reuber in 2007, German rug brand Reuber Henning make timeless rugs produced with the greatest care. All of the designs are made in Nepal, making use of age-old Tibetan techniques. With the help of the local craftsmen’s experience, skill and dedication, Reuber Henning’s ideas are slowly and diligently turned into genuine rugs, made from natural materials of superior quality.

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