The Ergo Stool and Table by Adam Senior

Leaning forward during a conversation. We all know it tells the person who you’re talking to that you’re interested. The question remains: Does it actually make you more interested in the conversation, or is it an illusion? Looking at the psychology behind design, the Ergo work space designed by Adam Senior makes me believe leaning into anything creates a stronger connection to the activity or person with whom you’re engaged.

Ergo Stool and Table. Designed by Adam Senior.

In a Colorful Variety, the Ergo Stool and Table by Adam Senior Fuses Comfort with Work-Anywhere Adaptability.

The Ergo Stool and Table combine to create a minimalist-praised workspace using the goldilocks ratio of perfect heights between computer and human. It’s small, decorated using nothing more than the pattern created out of the die-cast aluminum, and colored to perfection. The angular lines fuse in all the right places, leaving observers with a sense of calm due to their perfect geometry that sits soundly beneath the otherwise slim structures.

Ergo Stool and Table. Designed by Adam Senior.

Adam Senior is a recent graduate of Furniture & Related Product Design from Sheffield Hallam University. The concept he came up that he calls the Ergo Stool and Table are meant to adapt well to our ever-advancing, often transient lives that require a shuffling of living and work situations. It only makes sense then, that our flexibility is matched by the pieces of furniture that freelancers, independent professionals, or work-from-home folks find useful. That said, Ergo’s compatibility in modern office settings, living rooms and even the bedroom is hard to beat.

Ergo Stool and Table. Designed by Adam Senior.

Drawing you into the work at hand can do nothing but make you that much more efficient. That’s maybe why two perfectly geometric structures – like the Ergo Stool and Table – are so attractive. They’ll not only look good being carried around where you need them, they’ll also give you extra time in the day (which you’d take to enjoy more posts on 3rings, perhaps).

Via Marco Russo of The Closet.

About the Designer: Adam Senior says “to see design evolve from a simple idea through the design process to a rational object” has been a driving force behind each of this projects. Receiving his degree in Furniture & Related Product Design at Sheffield Hallam University, this British designer came up with the Ergo Stool and table to cater to our ever-evolving world of work and style.

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