Maki Suspension Lamp by Nendo for Foscarini

A quick search will give you two meanings for the word Maki—true hope and lemur. While neither of these is mentioned as inspiration for the Maki lamp by Foscarini, I think they both apply in some measure. The suspension lamp is the creation of Nendo, a Tokyo-based design firm that began in 2002. Led by architect Oki Sato, Nendo’s goal is to “bring small surprises to people.” The pendant nature of Maki is what makes me think that the lemur is a possible interpretation; and its edge of glowing light could reference true hope.

Maki Lamp. Designed by Nendo. Manufactured by Foscarini.

Dramatic Dual lighting

Maki Lamp. Designed by Nendo. Manufactured by Foscarini.

Maki casts light downward, but it also lets light seep from the shade’s arc—as if light cannot be contained. This “dual lighting effect creates a suggestive theatrical effect,” although it also provides “direct, precise light.” Nendo’s small suspension lamp is constructed of lacquered aluminium in either bianco, classic white, or grigio, warm grey. Either color works with the rolled cone shape of the shade, which recalls the white sleeves in which one might eat roasted nuts or cotton candy.

Maki Lamp. Designed by Nendo. Manufactured by Foscarini.

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About the Manufacturer: Foscarini is a lighting manufacturer with a well-established international reputation. From table lamps to outdoor lighting, the Italian company partners with “grand masters and young talents from the international design circuit” in order to bring innovative products to life. A creative and flexible company, Foscarini operates under a simply philosophy that combines research, detail, quality, “and, above all, a product-centered culture that is the result of good design.”

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