Marvelous Membrane for Innermost

Marvelous Membrane for Innermost

I’m captivated by lights that are smoky and dark. If the filament is visible too, well, forget about it; I’m sold.

Innermost Membrane pendant lamp detail

There’s something about the intersection of Edison-esque simplicity and the ineffable beauty of blown glass. Take Jette Scheib’s Membrane for Innermost. This translucent pendant lamp is both familiar and strange, inviting exploration yet rebuffing most attempts to deconstruct it into something familiar.

Innermost Membrane Pendant Lamp above table in home

The conceit is of a bubbling, burgeoning membrane that’s been punctured yet remained intact. These three miniature lamps illuminate the shade from within, creating the double sense of an invader and an integrated entity.

Innermost Membrane Pendant Lamp frosted dark

Membrane is not for the faint of heart. It’s both a beautiful emblem of hand-blown glass and a striking symbolic statement about the sanctity of design—herewith, the intersection of art piece and light piece.

Innermost Membrane Pendant Lamp above table in modern kitchen

Membrane lets users choose the form of the inner bulb. Options include vintage filament or pearl bulb. See Innermost for more.

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