Avro + Multi Socket Transforms Kitchen to Office

Avro + Multi Socket Transforms Kitchen to Office

Is the term “office” passé at this point? It’s starting to feel that way, especially in view of so many convenient products and accessories that deftly aid the transition between home and work.

Avro in white with woman adjusting it

Avro—by Studio Natural for Martinelli Luce—is a nice example of one of the aforementioned items that aids working where one lives. It presents as a simple pendant lamp in what I like to call the UFO mold. Made of machined, painted aluminum, Avro has a streamlined, hovering aspect that makes you feel as if you’re in the presence of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

View from above of a reddish/orange pendant lamp above a kitchen table

And indeed you are. For Avro houses beneath its slick housing a smart hidden socket that’s perfectly compatible with another Studio Natural creation, the Multi-Socket.

Avro demo of plugging in cord

This nifty, diminutive, transportable device easily plugs into Avro and voila!, the surface beneath is transformed into a full-blown workstation, complete with multiple USB and power sockets. Thus, “with Avro, light is exactly where you want it, and the season of hunting for an electrical socket is over. Eating, working or playing on the same table is no longer a problem.”

Avro gray with hand plugging in cord

Colors for Avro include orange, light blue, white, and black—the Multi Socket comes in matching colors.

light with multi-socket beneath powering computer

Find out more about this pair of particularly compelling products at Martinelli Luce and Studio Natural.

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