Extreme Storage Solutions by Marco Fumagalli for Martex

Shelving does not always have to consist of a series of right angles forming a rectilinear piece of furniture.  Shelving can be fun; shelving can be exciting!  Who doesn’t love (and need) extra storage?  Marco Fumagalli has designed a wonderful alternative to traditional shelving.  Extreme from Martex is a whimsical modular shelving system for the office full of organic cutouts to store any collection of items.

Extreme Storage Solutions. Designed by Marco Fumagalli. Manufactured by Martex.

Whimsical Modular Shelving for the Office

The Extreme shelving unit is created using a combination of multiple modular pieces.  Organic-shaped tubes are sandwiched between two perforated surfaces.  These tubes are constructed using a polypropylene foam material.  They provide an excellent lightweight, compact surface, and the tubes are recyclable.

Extreme Storage Solutions. Designed by Marco Fumagalli. Manufactured by Martex.

Fumagalli has created a versatile storage unit by allowing the Extreme shelving system to assume either a vertical or horizontal position.  Other modules can be added to the base extending upwards or to either side.   Additionally, the Extreme system gains even more versatility by providing a variety of colors allowing it to find a home in any office color scheme.

About the Manufacturer:  Martex is a contract furniture company with a strong identity.  Known as a young, dynamic, proactive company, Martex is careful to take social changes into consideration when designing office furniture.  With a mission to put all of their energy into “interpreting, in an up-to-date and certainly unconventional way, the spaces for the working man,” Martex provides a refreshing look at what modern office spaces can look like.

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