Bernù Poly by Davide Tonizzo for Arconas

Who more than those unfortunate souls consigned to hospitalization deserves a seating ensemble to bring a smile to their faces? Why those visiting same, of course. Arconas shakes this (temporarily, we hope) downtrodden demographic out of their doldrums with the new multi-colored Bernù Poly bench-style seating.

Bernù Poly Seating. Designed by Davide Tonizzo. Manufactured by Arconas.

Bernù Poly by Arconas is Durable and Comfortable

But Bernù’s many attributes only begin with its aesthetics, which, incidentally, transcend the usual khaki palette of hospital environments to incorporate not only the rainbow of colors pictured, but also wooden laminate, shiny chrome, and even the purity of transparent acrylic.

Bernù Poly Seating. Designed by Davide Tonizzo. Manufactured by Arconas.

That last style might suggest a certain tech-savvy among Bernù’s appealing contours—and it has that in spades. The surface of the seats is a polyurethane-based material that’s anti-microbial. This one-two hygienic punch makes Bernù extra durable and easy to maintain. Further, Bernù sports an extra-wide gap between seat and back, thus making it a snap to clean.

And if you find yourself thinking that the slim and sleek contours of Bernù certainly seem innovative yet somehow strangely familiar, some part of your subconscious has probably discerned the pervasive shape of an airplane wing.

Bernù Poly Seating. Designed by Davide Tonizzo. Manufactured by Arconas.

In fact, Bernù is modeled after this iconic emblem of man’s victory over thin air. The aerodynamic teardrop shape is marked therein. If one were to look closely, he/she would espy it from the ground up—in the legs, in the seat, in the arms, and in the back. Each and all partake of this fluid and dynamic profile, which is just one reason why Bernù is able to enliven spirits and streamline the hospital experience.

About the Manufacturer: Arconas has made their reputation on consistently offering varied forms and exciting manifestations of “exceptional public seating.” Since 1972, the company has been a pervasive presence with their “comprehensive range of modular and public seating solutions; ergonomic business and soft seating solutions; portable workstations; task and cafe chairs; and occasional tables.” In fact, if you’ve traveled through a major airport during those intervening 39 years, chances are you’ve had an up close and personal experience with Arconas seating. The company’s latest offering, Bernù Poly, is a fixture at international and domestic airports, including LAX, Hong Kong International, JFK, and Yellowknife airport in the far Northern climes.

Posted July 22, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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