Salone 2012 Preview: The Icon Kitchen System by Ernestomeda

I had a boss back in the day who told clients what she’d design for them would make them “iconic”.  While I never understood how people could fall for it, the superlative idea worked. If said boss were to step foot in the Ernestomeda showroom during Salone’s concurrent Eurocucina 2012 show next week, she might rethink what it means to make a true icon.

Icon kitchen. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso. Manufactured by Ernestomeda.

The Modern Kitchen System that Creates its Own Iconic Following

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, Ernestomeda brings the Icon kitchen to life using innovative materials and technical features to support its ultra modern aesthetic. Before indulging in its muted color palette that designs with clean lines and freshly minimalistic style, the Icon kitchen should be seen for also being sustainable and hygienic – making it an intelligent green design as well.

Icon kitchen. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso. Manufactured by Ernestomeda.

Created to change the way prepare and serve, the well-planned Icon kitchen’s components let us feel the difference through its modularity. From the design’s special door opening/closing mechanisms to a table that can slide in and out to create tabletop space and extra seating, the Icon kitchen does it all in one swoop. Proudly green, Ernestomeda’s ICONcrete material was used throughout the kitchen. Also found in its design is heat-treated wood, Corian®, plain metal and glass for an urban feel.

Icon kitchen. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso. Manufactured by Ernestomeda.

While it may need to test run the kitchen market at Eurocucina before considering itself an icon, my former boss would admit the Icon kitchen system by Ernestomeda takes the cake.

via Trendir.

About the Manufacturer: Ernestomeda began its kitchen design manufacturing in 1996 and in just a short time it has been known as one of the best in the market. Consistently elegant, glamorous but not over-the-top, and definitely not affordable, they follow their corporate mission which is based on the “constant stylistic and technological innovation” which focuses primarily on creating a beautiful experience in a classy culinary space.

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