Estudiostat and Delta Cocinas Present the Artica Kitchen

Design firm Estudiostat and manufacturer Delta Cocinas have teamed up to turn conventional kitchen design on its head. Or, better yet, the two companies have joined forces to fold the straight and slim profile of typical cabinetry back in upon itself, revealing a new kitchen concept with more facets than a ten pound diamond.

Artica kitchen. Designed by Estudiostat. Manufactured by Delta Cocinas.

Delta Cocinas Employs Digital Technology to Create A New Concept in Kitchen Design

Artica Kitchen. Designed by Estudiostat. Manufactured by Delta Cocinas.

The Artica kitchen is not carved out of the hardest material known to man, though onlookers might be forgiven for believing it was. In fact, Estudiostat created this pilot project largely with the help of digital modeling technology: “the space is constructed out of a modular system where each door is divided into 15 cm by 15 cm sections that use the points to make up the different vortices of the largest door design of 120 cm.”

Artica Kitchen. Designed by Estudiostat. Manufactured by Delta Cocinas.

This means that each door is not really a door, but rather a confluence of intersecting points that—when stitched together across the vast expanse of, say, a kitchen island—create a continuously textured surface of peaks and valleys that evokes the ancient art of Origami.

Artica Kitchen. Designed by Estudiostat. Manufactured by Delta Cocinas.

But Artica’s innovative and intriguing cabinetry is not the only singular aspect of this futuristic kitchen. The island top showcases a long and slim glass centerpiece as a partition between sink and cooktop. This would be eye-catching enough on its own, but Delta Cocinas has illumined the transparent glass with oscillating tints of red and blue, creating an other-worldly effect that evokes the Northern Lights: “The glass is a reflection of the Aurora Borealis and is produced by the fusion of two primary colors, turning it into a brilliance never seen before.”

Via FresHome.

About the Manufacturer: Manufacturer Delta Cocinas is dedicated to anticipating and staying in step with the evolving demands of consumers for architecturally innovative kitchens—“liberating the space from its traditional design constraints.” The company’s Artica Kitchen employs faceted cabinet fronts to evoke the ancient art of Origami, thus creating a stunningly original aesthetic vernacular.

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