The Lean Chair/Table by William Lee and et al. collaborative

Like the re-purposing of post-consumer waste, William Lee and et al. collaborative have come up with a way to recycle the unused space in your, well, space. Their creation is entitled LEAN, and its special determination to utilize the corner of your room for seating (or setting things on, if you get creative) is unique to the industrial designer and architectural designers who came up with it.

LEAN. Designed by William Lee for et al. collaborative.

The LEAN Goes from Chair to Table

“LEAN is a sculptural yet simple piece designed to bring purpose to a universally under-utilized space; the corner,” says the et al. collaborative’s description of the fancifully-angular interpretation of a chair or table. “The versatile piece stands alone as a sculptural element, but also has dual functionality as furniture.”

LEAN. Designed by William Lee for et al. collaborative.

LEAN is a chair that gains structural support from its adjacent walls when set in the corner of a room. If you switch it to a side-lying piece of furniture, the chair instantly transforms into a coffee table. It’s negative spaces act as shelves for books, magazines, or other stackable items.

LEAN. Designed by William Lee for et al. collaborative.

Made using plywood in a two-tone finish – or in metal if you prefer the more elegant facade to you chair/table – the LEAN comes together like a perfectly geometric mathematical equation for your corner.

About the Manufacturer: Based in Brooklyn, NY, et al. collaborative is a full-service architectural design practice. Its team represents a unique combination of talents, professional backgrounds, passions and insights. et al. approaches each project as an opportunity to collaborate with a client, an opportunity to define and appropriately respond to a specific goal–yours.

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