The Nessie Bathtub by Moreno Ratti of Cactus Design

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a hot bath with servants or grapes and huge fans? The feeling of this new Nessie bathtub design  – inspired by the relaxation of Greek baths – by Moreno Ratti of Cactus Design – uses the same feel and obvious color combination to bring the first part of our Greco spa dream to life.

Nessie. Designed by Moreno Ratti of Cactus Design.

The Nessie Double Bath made from Recycled Aluminum was made by Moretti Ratti of Cactus Design

The Nessie features intricate craftsmanship that uses the art of welding two shells of recycled aluminum together. By combining them, the aluminum gives way to a unique design and a luxurious, insulated effect.

The tip-toed profile of the Nessie measures in at 74.75″L x 35.5 x 25.5″/37.5″H”, uses an independent tap on the side and a rinse water drain that flows into a foreleg.

The Nessie Bathtub Designed by Moreno Ratti of Cactus Design

Apart from the cool feel of its double bath, the Nessie uses the contrast of (the very Greek) blue and white double coloring. Moretti says the he used white on the outside to “emphasize sinuous lines” and blue inside to “represent the region”. Other colors are also available for a personalized effect too, but the example here was chosen due to color psychology – in fact, Moretti’s concept design states, “blue calms, relaxes, and opens the mind to creative thoughts”.

About the Designer: Moretto Ratti is an Italian industrial designer/architect who has dabbled in everything from a beautiful bridge design in Paris to Scandinavian-inspired seating and double baths for the home. With varied projects on his list, Ratti clearly allows the filtering in of inspiration and motivation drive his hunger for creating a world of great design.

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