Kohler’s Bellwether Bathtub Anticipates Forthcoming Trends

Who knew that the technical definition of a “bellwether” was a “wether with a bell hung round its neck?” And further, who knew that a “wether” was a “a male sheep, esp. a castrated one.” Forgetting, for a moment, that last bit, the definition enlightens as to the meaning of the term, as, much like Kohler’s Bellwether tub, it signifies a “leading indicator of future trends.”

Bellwether bathtub. Manufactured by Kohler.

Kohler’s Classic Bellwether Bathtub is Pragmatic and Sustainable

Bellwether Bathtub. Manufactured by Kohler.

In much the same way that the sound of a bell round a sheep’s neck signifies that the herd has arrived, Kohler’s 60” x 32” alcove style bathtub suggests a return to classic, simple design.

The benefits of Bellwether begin with its standard sizing. The 60” x 32” dimensions allow easy installation in new projects as well as retrofits within existing bathtub alcoves. And the enameled cast iron construction (made from 80% recycled materials) offers unsurpassed durability beneath that much-loved aesthetic of shiny smooth white.

Bellwether Bathtub. Manufactured by Kohler.

Given the name, the above is apropos of the idiom “fleece as white as snow,” yet Kohler offers Bellwether in no less than 16 different finishes, including black, basalt, skylight, sunlight, and the very elegant cashmere.

Bellwether Bathtub. Manufactured by Kohler.

Lastly, Bellwether features perfectly proportioned ledges. At a roomy 2.5” all around the perimeter of the tub, these wide spaces provide more than enough room for assorted, soaps, creams, rubber duckies, what have you… A 14 inch stepover threshold assures easy entry and exit.

About the Manufacturer: Anyone who’s ever used a restroom is well aware of the “Bold Look of Kohler.” From the establishment of factory headquarters in the Wisconsin countryside in 1899, to the bevy of “bold new colors and shapes” they debuted in the 1960s, to today’s global prominence as a designer and manufacturer of basins, tubs, showers, taps, toilets, and bidets—the company is synonymous with high quality and superlative value for kitchen and bath.

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