New from Axo Light: The Polia Lamp by Manuel Vivian

Who knew that the new lighting fixture called Polia by Manuel Vivian for Axo Light was conceived after the designer read a book called “Hypnerotomachia Poliphili”? Apparently within the covers of a book – whose lengthy title means “Poliphilo’s Strife of Love in a Dream” – wandering dreams are written down by the emblematic Italian Renaissance writer, Francesca Colonna.

The Polia Lamp. Designed by Manuel Vivian for Axo.

Find the Writing On the Wall Lamp With Polia by Manuel Vivian for Axo Light

Like a book of light blowing open in the wind, Polia keeps on of its sides firmly planted against the wall. Pale in color it does not seek more attention than its glowing shade deserves. In fact, the overgrown sconce uses its “novel appearance” to make us think of its resemblance instead of its personalized spin on lighting design. Recommend alone or in pairs, the Polia collection can be used in public or private settings. It can rest vertically or horizontally against the wall as if it is opening up due to gravity or a strong gust of wind. Either way, the design fits well into its surroundings that may include bedrooms, living areas, lounges, or maybe even a lucky library.


The Polia light is made using curved, varnished metal sheets and a linear halogen energy-saving lightbulb. In a textured white, cor-ten, or white with a basalt grey front section, its colors and finishes match the majority of classic and traditional interior styles due to the variety. Available in two different sizes, the wall lights come in your choice of a grand 45cm W x 28cm H or a smaller 19cm W x 28cm H (each are 9cm D).

Whether you’re into books, lighting, or the fixtures that find a place fusing the two, this Polia Light by Manuel Vivian for Axo Light can help guide the way as you wander through your dreamworld.

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