Luxit and Leucos USA Want to Tattoo You

Leucos USA

is now the exclusive distributor of Italian decorative architectural lighting brand Luxit, a company known for its forward-thinking technology-"virtually all of the Luxit merchandise offered in the US is energy-saving fluorescent or LED." Founded in 1967, Luxit has differentiated itself from other Italian lighting firms by concentrating on innovation, "successfully combining advanced lighting technology with sophisticated design elements." Luxit is a good fit for Leucos USA, a company that also stresses invention. Their Moai Lamp, named after the sound of lips kissing, resembles a pair of glowing eggs.

Tattoo. Designed by Luxit for Leucos USA.

Luxit and Leucos USA Want to Tattoo YouLuxit and Leucos USA Want to Tattoo YouLuxit and Leucos USA Want to Tattoo YouLuxit and Leucos USA Want to Tattoo You

New introductions include Tattoo, "a highly customizable system of direct and indirect lighting modules." The idea behind the light, and the name, is that its panels are surfaces "which can be 'tattooed' as you like." Besides the standard versions, Tattoo allows-and welcomes-users to leave their mark (in this regard, Tattoo has something in common with the Hackney Range). Like a human body, Tattoo is a supple canvas with dynamic contours: Luxit explains, "The unusual shape gives them a very dynamic and lively air, creating a rhythmic pattern in the room." Its versatility goes far beyond its customizable panels. The lights can be fitted to emit indirect or direct light, either of which can then de dimmed to your liking. And Tattoo comes in different versions: "Various sizes are available, suspension or wall, single or modular in continuous rows." The structure is constructed of painted extruded aluminum and thermoplastic panels suited for digital printing. Let Tattoo float above you on the ceiling or hang at eye level on the walls-wherever you put it, it's there waiting for your imprint.

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