A Window Effect: Daylight Series by Philippe Malouin

Seek the comfort of sunshine in the dead of winter? Many of us do. They get long, drawn out come February, and sun reflecting off the white (or worse, gray) snow during these periods just doesn’t cut it. Philippe Malouin may have felt the same way when he created his brand new Daylight Series of lamps that resemble windows.

Daylight Series. Designed by Philippe Malouin.

LED Lights of the Daylight Series Shine Through Shutters Like a Window on Your Wall

Malouin’s series of artificial lights are reminiscent of the sun filtering through the slats of a window. Based on the design of the Tangram – which is a puzzle based on the dissection of seven different basic shapes that originated in China – the Daylight lamps are also related to the look of plantation shutters, describes the designer of his various, modern wall sconces.

Daylight Series. Designed by Philippe Malouin.

Each slat of the Daylight fixture is lined with LED lights that are created with the feeling of sunlight in mind. Instead of being mounted in a traditional sense, Daylight’s shutters are secured to a barren wall to give it the authentic, stained- or tinted-glass look. With much thought given to the appearance of an actual window, Malouin’s Daylight Series lights are then emitted back from the wall it is mounted on to create the look of an actual window. To take it a step further, the light’s intensity can be altered by changing the angle of the shutters.

Daylight Series. Designed by Philippe Malouin.

Named as one of the “W Hotels Designers of the Future” projects, the Daylight Series by Philippe Malouin debuted this year at the Design Miami/Basel 2012 show.

About the Designer: The Montreal, Quebec-born designer, Philippe Malouin has spent much of his adult life traveling the world, living in various locations, studying design across Europe, and naturally adapting to them through the lens of product, lighting and furniture design. Now residing in London, Malouin’s designs have been recognized for their prolific and inventive spirit and are now available in Milan, Paris, London, Beirut, Montreal, and Brescia.

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