Limited Edition Wins 2011 ICFF Editors Award

The ICFF Editors Awards have been doled out in a wide array of categories, and this year, the Belgian carpet designer Limited Edition took the prize in the Carpet and Flooring category. Producing finely crafted area rugs, Limited Edition showed an interesting pattern of nesting rectangles in shades of red and magenta.

Gipsy. Designed by Limited Edition.

Bespoke Belgian Rugs

Other lovely styles include Limited Edition’s Astral, Sphere, and Gipsy. Astral, a member of the Handtufts Family, is a plush, handtufted carpet constructed of 100% bamboo pile. In Violine, it is perfect for the bedroom, setting the stage for dangerous liaisons.

Astral designed by Limited Edition and winner of 2011 ICFF Editors Award

Astral. Designed by Limited Edition.

The more daring Sphere is made of 100% cowskin fashioned into discs. While some colors showcase circles of dramatically different hues, others such as Grey Toupe stick to a monochromatic scheme. With Grey Toupe, the circular shapes recede, so that the texture of the cowhide becomes the focus. Ideal for home offices, the orbs should get your mind thinking: those halo forms might give you some inspiration.

Sphere designed by Limited Edition 2011 ICFF Editors Award winner

Sphere. Designed by Limited Edition.

In the Originals Family, Gipsy mixes patches of different “fabrics.” In Pompei Red, this stunning rug belongs in the living room, where its bright colors and boundless spirit can simultaneously remind you of home and of the exotic faraway. Gipsy grants you the allure of travel inside the warm confines of your own dwelling.

Limited Edition 2011 ICFF Editors Award winner

Gipsy, Sphere, and Astral. Designed by Limited Edition.

About the Manufacturer: Headquartered in Belgium, Limited Edition produces unique rugs in interesting textiles: wool, sisal, hemp, silk, cowhide, and woven leather. The area rugs can be customized with exclusive borders—so you can make the company’s offerings even more “Limited.”

Via designwire.

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