Haskell’s Series 9 Collection of Outdoor Furnishings

As someone who’s frequently looking East across the Atlantic for innovations in A&D, it’s nice to finally cast my gaze Westward (toward my heart’s desires) in search of something to pique my curiosities, to satisfy my yen for great, gorgeous, and green product. Just now, that glance needs travel some 2,301 miles to fall on Costa Mesa, CA’s Haskell, home of the recently launched Series 9 Collection of outdoor furnishings. The new series has a predominant flavor of Mid-Century pastoral. That is, the slim profile and clean lines of chaise, chair, sultan, and tables is matched by a funky starburst-style fabric, featuring a circle of great green glyphs with a concentric pattern of purple in the middle.

Series 9 Chaise Lounge. Designed by Haskell.

The Sustainable and LEED-certified Series 9

The look alone is enough for my hearty endorsement, but for good measure let’s heap upon that the sustainable chops of Series 9. Each piece is made of type 304 EAF stainless steel frames with a recycled domestic scrap metal content up to 85% and a post-life recyclability of 100%; the powder coat finish is solvent- and VOC-free, and Haskell employs an overspray re-capture/re-use protocol to avoid waste; cushions use a proprietary bio-foam that contains up to 40% vegetable oil content; and cushion outers are made of Bella-Dura®, “a true performance fabric engineered via proprietary yarn technology and made from an industrial by-product of the petroleum refining process.” Considering the additional boon of Haskell’s local ethos—the entire line is sourced from and produced in So-Cal—it’s apparent that Series 9 is verily saturated in sustainability, which is a tremendous incentive for eco-aware consumers, in Costa Mesa as well as points East, North, and South.

Series 9 Collection Chair by Haskell

Series 9 Chair by Haskell.

Series 9 Collection Sultan by Haskell

Series 9 Sultan by Haskell.

About the Manufacturer: Southern California’s Haskell began with a kernel of aesthetic commitment and expanded that into a full-blown eco-conscious endeavor. The kernel was Mid-Century Modern and the impetus for the expansion was a pervasive desire to create smart, functional furniture that works in, and throughout the duration of, real lives. The result is a discerning yet fun line of furnishings made with a pronounced sustainable ethos: “By making things refined but family friendly we aim to simultaneously create heirloom items and leave our mark on a positive future–yours and ours.”

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