Tecka Table for Automatic Outdoor Lighting

Tecka Table for Automatic Outdoor Lighting

The Tecka table from Les Jardins is not only a handsome and durable place to put your stuff, but also a smart appliance with an innovative solar module.

Tecka Table lamp three tables on patio

The inset feature on Tecka’s top is in fact a repository of solar energy, quietly absorbing the sun’s rays all day and then automatically illuminating come sundown: “with a warm and powerful light and adjustable intensity of up to 500 lumens for five to 200 hours.”

Table lamp detail not illuminated

The slatted conical structure of the table base gives Tecka’s light an appealing diffuse quality, splitting the light into shafts and slants that spread out on the floor for soft, ambient illumination.

Overhead view of three solar table lamps

The Tecka table contains a back-up USB charging port and presence detector. 10 LEDs grace the table’s underside. It also has a smart sensing feature that knows the charge of the battery and tempers light intensity accordingly so it will last through the night. And the module is interchangeable and replaceable: it can be switched out as technology and efficiency advance.

Three Tecka table lamps one with a plant in a circular stone pot and one with two cups

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