Rivington Tables by Barber & Osgerby

Rivington Tables by Barber & Osgerby

Ceramic never looked so good on a table as it does with Mutina’s Rivington, a new collection of wall-mounted and freestanding tables that’s also an homage to London’s Rivington Bar & Grill, close by the Barber/Osgerby Studio and a favoured haunt of the designers and the Mutina team.

wall-mounted table with orange base, green/black shaft, and white top

The tables are made using slip casting, a technique that allows for the precise and regular reproduction of irregular shapes. In this case, facilitating the interplay between the stadium-shaped shaft and the rectangular top and bottom.

Rivington table in black and white

The vibrant color palette pays homage to the designers’ decade-long relationship with Mutina, a collaboration marked by a spirit of playfulness and experimentation: “We enjoyed the liberty to craft a more compact collection where colour plays a pivotal role. It can be bolder, more vibrant… kind of like candy.”

Table in blue and green with orange lamp mounted on wall

Indeed, candy is a nice metaphor for the way the high-gloss ceramic captures these dynamic shades of blue, green, orange, and black—a vibrant interplay of color and texture.

Rivington tables next to sofa with orange cushions

Each piece in the collection is individually stamped and signed, adding to the heirloom feel of these unique tables.

Trio of ceramic tables next to black sofa

See Mutina and Barber & Osgerby to find out more.

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