At ICFF’s New Finnish Design Scenarios: LED4 by Tunto Design

After the success of the original Tunto LED Lamp, Finnish company Tunto Design has reinvented that sleek desk lamp in a taller version entitled LED4. On display from May 12-17, 2011 as part of New Finnish Design Scenarios at ICFF, a showcase of modern design from the country, Tunto’s LED4 has already won a Red Dot Design Award in product design for 2011.

LED4 desk lamp. Designed by Mikko Karkkainen for Tunto Design.

Sleek, Tall LED Desk Lamp

The new version of the LED task lamp measures 520 x 550 x 155 mm. It is its height, however, that makes this incarnation so sleek. At more than 20 inches from the base to the highest point, LED4 elongates the desk’s real estate and sheds light on a larger area. This takes the focus away from the paper or keyboard, lifting the gaze beyond the narrow confines of busy work. LED4 thus opens the work (and play) possibilities of the desk.

Available in three different woods—oak, walnut, and birch—and standard options like white, black, and brown, the desk lamp also comes in bright, unexpected colors: purple, yellow, green, blue, pink, turquoise, red, and orange. Its touch-sensitive switch turns on the glow quite easily, giving you the light equivalent of a regular 50 W bulb.

LED4 designed by Tunto Design at ICFF's New Finnish Design Scenarios.

LED4 designed by Tunto Design at ICFF's New Finnish Design Scenarios.

About the Manufacturer: Tunto Design is a Finnish company that specializes in wooden products. Founded in 2004 by Mikko Kärkkäinen, Tunto Design makes everything by hand in their workshop in Järvenpää, Finland. The firm “aims at coming up with something new and unique with every new project.”

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