At NYCxDESIGN: Emblem Paris Brings the Great French Houses to Our Shores

At NYCxDESIGN: Emblem Paris Brings the Great French Houses to Our Shores

If Taillardat, Craman-Lagarde, Vernaz & Filles, and Émaux de Longwy are not currently in your vocabulary, they will be soon, especially if you’re visiting NYCxDESIGN, kicking off this Thursday. The annual celebration is nothing if not eclectic, so Emblem Paris certainly fits right in.

leather lounge chair by Maison Taillardat near tapestry wtih bird feather theme and tulips
Leather-Backed Lounge Chair with Gold Gilding by Maison Taillardat

But back to those Maisons… Emblem Paris is a design collective; the “houses” and manufacturing atelier are famed French brands, each showcasing old world craft in their detailed, methodical, historical, and exquisite output.

gold leaf picture frame by Maison Vernaz & Filles
Gilded Picture Frame by Maison Vernaz & Filles

“Heir to the great tradition of French cabinetmaking,” Maison Taillardat makes heirloom quality furniture incorporating a multitude of artisanal techniques, including sculpture, cabinet making, decorative varnish, marquetry, leather sheathing, bronze mounting, and tapestry.

Le Bristol Cafe bar with detailed wood and marquetry work and black leather stools with curved back
Le Bristol Café, Paris. Outfitted by Maison Taillardat

Maison Craman-Lagarde employs a roster of cabinetmakers, fine art bronze smiths, woodcarvers, architects, and interior decorators, “passionately working hand-in-hand to create museum-level furniture in all styles: from the 18th century to Art Deco.” The brand’s tailor-made furniture is found at luxury hotels and private residences world wide.

Roll-Top Desk by Maison Craman Lagarde
Roll-Top Desk by Maison Craman-Lagarde

Vernaz & Filles specializes in gold leaf gilding and custom picture frames. In addition to restoring objects dating as far back as the 17th. century, Vernaz & Filles is among the few remaining fabricators who know the water gilding technique, a painstaking method of applying multiple layers on wood to create a metallic sheen or matte effect.

picture frame gold gilding detail
Water Gilding by Maison Vernaz & Filles

And forgive me for saying that the last may be the best. Based in Lorraine, Manufacture Des Émaux de Longwy 1798 is a fixture in this cradle of the ceramic arts. The line dates back to 1870, when the Italian craftsman Amedee de Carenza discovered how to use black enamel to delimit the colors, doing away with the traditional technique of inlaid brass wire. Thus, the brand’s profusion of artistic wonder, enameled designs of every stripe and style, from vases to cups to jewel cases, tables to pedestals, lamps to consoles to decorative globes.

Enameed jar with many colors in squares and rectangles and different shapes within the squares
Enamled Jar by Manufacture des Émaux de Longwy 1798

But what does this all have to do with New York? The big news is that Emblem Paris is coming to the new world. The new showroom, located on the second floor of 171 Spring St. in Soho, is designed by Anne Pericchi Draeger to reflect the craft and heritage of the four houses. The pre-opening teaser shots show a vibrant cornucopia of colors, textures, and talent: a Murat chaise in Taillardat upholstery, a Bishop stool designed by India Mahdavi in a technicolor blue, a Chevreuse canapé accented in gold leaf, and a Pierre Gonalons’ enameled vase, as appetizing and shiny as strands of ribbon candy.

Emblem NY showroom with pink chaise, open cabinet with green striped wallpaper, blue Dr. Seuss-like stool with red and white flowers, and leopard print curtains
Emblem SoHo Showroom
Lamp Bases By Émaux de Longwy

Emblem’s founder, Martin Pietri, is a decorated Knight of the National Order, a rare honor bestowed by the French government, in Pietri’s case, for his efforts toward preserving French craft: “The New York location will celebrate and champion this ‘Made in France’ excellence and serve as a much-needed resource for U.S. design professionals and consumers seeking exquisite French furnishings.”

Beginning November 8, Emblem New York opened for visitors by appointment only. The showroom will welcome the public this Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 4. Find out more at Emblem. And check back here during NY Design Week and ICFF for updated images of the new showroom.

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