Cool Extruded Tile from Spain’s Natucer

Given that, if your reading this, you’re probably bound by the relative confines of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, you’ve probably never heard of “SECV,” or the “Sociedad Española de Cerámica y Vidrio.” This consortium of Spanish surfacing connoisseurs bestows an annual award at the Cevisama international ceramics, stone, and bathroom equipment fair in Valencia. Castellón’s Natucer may have just missed the gold, but never has silver shone so brightly as it does for this recognition of the tile manufacturer’s Life Arq line. This collection of extruded ceramic tiles is imbued with the brilliance of the Spanish sun, not to mention the comely quirks of the Spanish character.

Life Arq. Designed by Natucer.

Ceramic Tile in Multiple Forms, Manifold Shapes

The Lifearq line is comprised of four distinctive styles: Bamboo, Ivy, Scale, and Channel. The full force of the meanings of these descriptive monikers is comprehended at a glance. Bamboo is a lovely, segmented tubular affair that approximates the stalky habit of this fast-growing grass; Channel is an exterior siding with a long, clean look that comes in a butted configuration; Ivy appears woven together just like the perennial climber or handcrafted rattan; and Scale can be used as cladding to duplicate the over-lapping aspect of traditional shingles. All of these innovative ceramics come in Natucer’s array of bold, bright colors. Their uses run the gamut, from indoor and outdoor surfaces to facades to partition walls to privacy screens.


Via InteriorsFromSpain.

About the Manufacturer: Spain’s Natucer is credited in some circles with single-handedly reviving the Spanish ceramics scene. This Castellón-based manufacturer has made a yearly splash at the Cevisima exhibition with their collections of brightly colored, intriguingly-shaped extruded ceramic tiles. From humble beginnings in 1988 “with the aim of producing rustic floor tiles,” Natucer has evolved into an international player in ceramics innovation. With their trend setting approach to form, Natucer is helping to define the future shape of tiles.

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