Luxury, Peace, and Pleasure: Amanda by Modiss

I do have a penchant for chandeliers—the stranger, the better. Chandeliers made of eyeglasses and knives have previously tickled my fancy. Despite my strange proclivities, I am still taken in by the shine quotient, so anything Swarovski will usually catch my eye—who doesn’t love the scintillating iridescence? Combine Swarovski with interesting design and you’ve got Amanda. This ceiling light by Barcelona lighting company Modiss is inspired by an early Matisse painting entitled “Luxe, Calme et Volupté,” which depicts (in pointillism) a group of nude women relaxing on the beach—every color in the piece vibrant and intoxicating. The sunlight seems to emanate straight from the painting’s landscape, making the entire composition blaze, each body cast in warm glow.

Amanda. Desigend by Modiss.

Octagonal Crystal Chandelier

Amanda accomplishes much the same effect through its twinkling collection of transparent Strass Swarovski crystals. Composed in an octagon shape, the lamp floats like a moon, suspended from above by a wire that disappears into the ceiling. The pendant quality is magical, a little UFO casting its light down upon the humans. Modiss refers to Amanda as “a fantasy of glass with the most sophisticated set of lights to delight the senses in an inimitable atmosphere of sensuality.” There can be no denying that Amanda is feminine and sexy; the cluster of glittering Swarovski jewels puts me in mind of the Red Cross, one of the largest cut diamonds in the world. With its cushion shape, the Red Cross resembles the octagonal Amanda, although the Amanda lamp is more brilliant, since its glow is clear, allowing for a dramatic prismatic effect.

Lighting, Crystal Chandelier
Luxury, Peace, and Pleasure: Amanda by Modiss

About the Manufacturer: In 1994 industrial designer Alfonso Fontal took part is the 1st. Spring Design Contest. He not only won but also garnered such positive recognition that he achieved an exhibition of his work at the Palau de la Virreina. This international recognition was the springboard for what Modiss has become in the intervening 16 years: a consummate innovator in lighting design and a major force for avant garde A&D. They have a pronounced international presence and their products can be seen throughout the globe.

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