Neorustica by Brunno Jahara

Brunno Jahara is a product designer and artist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jahara’s designs focus on organic shapes with tropical inspiration that is manifested is his careful material selection. Globally and locally inspired, Jahara’s work represents his own background and his interpetations of the complexity of our multi-cultural society. Jahara Studio is his design consulting service, based in the city of São Paulo. The studio’s mission is to explore the defining characteristics of an object and ask, ‘what makes a product a product?’

Neorustica. Designed by Brunno Jahara.

The Neorustica collection is a collection of tables, benches and containers all made from scrap wood. Each design crafted out of rough wood in a way that pays homage to the tradition of shanty town construction that is familiar to Jahara’s roots. The wood slat furniture is full of life due to the juxtaposition of naturally aged wood and brightly colored paints. According to the designer, “The result is bridging the distance between object and user, by inviting one to touch and feel the texture of the pieces.”

Neorustico by Brunno Jahara
Neorustico by Brunno Jahara

The pieces are named after shanty towns or favelas in Rio de Janeiro such as Vidigal, Rocinha, Dona Marta, Tuiuti, Caricó, Vila Canoa, Uribu and Pavão. Regardless of the use, the proportions of each piece have a rural, understated feel that is heightened by the brightly colored wood slats. The varnish chosen is non toxic and the paints are water based. Available color choices are scratched white, scratched black and multi-colored. The inside material of each container is made of a special laminate made out of recycled PET bottles which is both durable and easy to clean.

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