Sustainable Design Even The Queen Would Love: Furniture by Joanne De Palma

Sustainable design has a biased towards a contemporary style. Clean lines, material choices and often industrial parts favor a few categories of aesthetics that elude many of the people purchasing furniture and design goods. Sustainable design has to appeal to the masses for there to be an impact on the environment. Joanne De Palma designs sustainable furniture with a classic feel that would fit into the most elegant of design aesthetics.

The Transition Line. Designed by Joanne De Palma

Petite Side Chair by Joanne De Palma
Joanne De Palma designs chairs, tables, cabinets, carpets, hardware and more. The Transition Line is a series of pieces with clean lines and rich materials bring together nature and refinement. Under the banner of elegance, De Palma slips in organic, natural and sustainable materials.
Lounge Chair by Joanne De Palma
100% natural rubber padding (no chemical foams), O VOC and low VOC finishes, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood and recycled bronze are used. Whenever possible, materials are sourced locally. The furniture pieces are built to last and become family heirlooms, but they are also made from either recyclable or biodegradable raw materials on the chance the kids don’t want grandma’s sofa.

About the Designer: Joanne De Palma graduated from Pratt Institute and began her career at the side of the Melanie Kahane. In 1999 she became the President of the Decorator’s Club. Founded in 1914, she was one of the youngest presidents in its history. 12 years ago, Ms. De Palma began studying with indigenous people around the world, inspiring her commitment to sustainable design.

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